cybersecurity in the modern era

What Cybersecurity Looks Like in the Modern Era

The internet has changed our lives for the better in many ways. It has allowed us to connect with people over long distances, given us access to information at our fingertips, and truly change the way we do business. However, given how much we rely on the Internet, it has also become a place where we must be careful.

What cybersecurity looks like in the modern era


Cybersecurity is the protection of internet systems from cyber threats. The systems can include hardware, software, and data, and this practice is used by individuals and businesses to prevent unauthorized access to information. When the internet was in its infancy, cybersecurity was of less importance. Now, as the internet matures, cybersecurity is not optional.


It may be tempting to believe that cybersecurity attacks focus on businesses, but successful attacks mainly focus on individuals. Most successful cybersecurity attacks play off of human weaknesses, such as distracted users who open unfamiliar attachments without thinking, customers eager to take advantage of online discounts, or employees who are deceived by emails that appear to come from company executives.


Because more than 90% of targeted attacks reach their victims through their email, a major goal in cybersecurity is to utilize a layered email defense. This can be a combination of detecting known and emerging email attacks, taking action once a threat is discovered, and protecting against spoofed and look-alike domains.


When it comes to developing a cyber defense solution for your business, it is important to give both your employees and clients peace of mind when working with you. Tekelement’s end-to-end cybersecurity solutions provide actionable steps to secure systems more effectively, monitor and mitigate threats in real-time, and provide regular assessments and recommendations across a variety of frameworks. We can ensure that your business is protected and that your clients and employees have peace of mind when working with you.



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