Cloud Hosting

Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to build, manage, and secure your cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud migration expertise and consulting to help organizations navigate the difficulties and pitfalls when migrating on-premises solutions to a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions

Let us help improve your back office needs with the right combination of managed IT solutions. As your company grows, so do your IT needs. TekElement’s managed IT solutions optimize the use of technology for companies like yours. We offer a full suite of services that can be developed and tailored to meet your companies needs, no matter what stage of growth you’re in. Wherever you are, we are here to help with any of your IT needs.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud storage
  • Hosted virtual servers
  • IaaS/DaaS
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Linux or Windows
  • Ultra-fast NVMe storage
  • 100 GB/s data transfer speeds

Customized IT Solutions / Proactive Support

TekElement’s Network engineers will help design a customized solution for your business. We know every business has unique goals, that is why our team of experts custom tailors every client’s network solution. But we also know there are standards and best practices for ensuring a robust, secure, and scaleable network topology. Once engaged, our team will assess any vulnerabilities or areas of weakness in the network. Working in partnership with your organization, we’ll then build a strategy based on your budget to address these areas from the top down. At each layer, we add redundancy and proactive monitoring so our team can react quickly to address issues in real time.

With over a 100 years of collective network design and engineering experience, let us go to work for your business!

Virtual Desktop Support

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is built on the latest NVMe hardware utilizing Windows native Remote Desktop Services Gateway. This translates into an ultrafast, highly responsive, and fully secured virtual desk environment for your organization. VDI allows your team to work from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device, without compromising on security and compliance.

VDI vs VPN Solutions

Many external factors recently have escalated the need for adaptive, secure work from home solutions. Historically, most organizations have relied on VPN solutions for remote employees. However, these solutions faced many limitations as significant portions of the workforce started to working from home permanently. VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) was quickly adopted as an alternative solution that could scale quickly and still provide the necessary security measures to protect business information.

Here are some of the main difference between VDI and VPN solutions.

  • Connection: VPNs create a private tunnel using software on the end user device. Alternatively, VDI does not require a tunnel because the virtual desktop is hosted within the security framework of the organization.
  • Cost: VDI was one considered too costly for many businesses. As technology has advanced, VDI solutions have dropped in cost significantly. In many ways, VDI solutions help organizations control cost more efficiently through subscription cloud-based plans.
    • Our VDI solutions are $150 per desktop per month for a standard user profile
    • Standard profile: Windows 10, 8GB of elastic RAM, and 120 GB of storage
  • Maintenance: VPN solutions require two points of maintenance, on the user device and the endpoint. Alternatively, our VDI solution utilizes Windows RDP service. All maintenance is done within our data center. Users are not responsible for maintaining end-user software systems that require patching and updates.
  • Speed: VDI requires a minimum of 5mbps connection at the end user. However, once the user is connected, our VDI environment can provide internet speeds of up to 100 gbps. With VPN solutions, the speed of the end-user is the limiting factor. In fact, VPN solutions can even bog down users’ internet speeds.
  • Security: Since the data is encrypted in VPN, data sent from the user to its destination is secured. But still the data has to be moved as the employee wants. Hence extra precautions needed to be taken for security. But in the VDI there is nothing that can be done except restricting the data flow. Therefore the VDI has to be configured to a way that it never leaves the corporate network. VDI allows organizations to completely control and manage the security footprint of the organization.

Peace of mind with reliable and scalable hosting to easily build, manage, and secure your cloud-based infrastructure. We offer a variety of hosting solutions to fit all of your business needs.

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