Retail Solutions

  • Custom Barcodes

    Integrated barcode scanners and custom barcodes allow you to track and manage inventory in real time.

  • Inventory Management

    Plan and control stocking items for your business.

  • Offers & Promotions Management

    Create and track sales offers, build automated schedules, and control offer periods.

  • Item Import

    Easily import item information to save time and ensure accurate data.

  • Centralized Data Management

    Real-time dashboarding for insights into your business without waiting for traditional ‘data syncs’. Drill into your data and customize reporting so you have access to the data you want, when you need it most.

  • Loyalty

    Built in loyalty allows you to engage with your customers, track behavior, and incentivize repeat visits while increasing incremental spend.

  • Configure Item Sizes

    Track and report on specific item sizes for more accurate ordering and restocking.

  • Beacon Integration

    Understand customer behaviors through in-store beacon tracking and reporting.

Main Functionality

Client, supplier and employee management

Receipt design

Management of pending sales assigned to customers

Item dimensions (sizes and formats)

Price and discounts management

Barcodes and references assignment

Promotions period control

Centralized Management of several Points of Sale

Cost and profit record by item

Item price creation and modification from files

Advanced statistics

Cash control

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