Restaurant Solutions

  • Conversational Ordering

    Intuitive menu flow for quick and easy ordering, ensures your staff stays in engaged with the guest at all times.

  • Inventory Management

    Track and manage inventory for your restaurant to ensure you never run out of supplies.

  • Order & Pay at the Table

    Customer self-service functions ensures guest satisfaction and means your team can focus on what matters most, the quest experience.

  • API & 3rd Party Integrations

    Out of box integrations with 3rd party delivery solutions and open API integration coupled with access to development resources means your business-critical systems all work together seamlessly.

  • Centralized Data Management

    Real-time dashboarding for insights into your business without waiting for traditional ‘data syncs’. Drill into your data and customize reporting so you have access to the data you want, when you need it most.

  • Loyalty

    Built in loyalty allows you to engage with your customers, track behavior, and incentivize repeat visits while increasing incremental spend.

  • Online Ordering

    Meet your customers when and where they are. Skip the 3rd party fees and go direct to customers.

  • Kiosks

    Offer multiple options for customers to self-serve. Kiosks help you manage order intake and allow for throttling orders so you don’t overwhelm your kitchen staff.

Main Functionality

Work even during Internet disconnections

Receipt splitting

Menu management

Modifiers, sizes and recipe management

Assigning rates according to rooms

Table management with Hiorder

Connection between printers and kitchen screens

Assign allergens to items

Statistics from anywhere and any device

Centralized Management of several Points of Sale

Secure storage always available in the cloud

Cash control with CashDro

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