Hospitality: Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

The #1 request we hear from our customers is how can they use technology to solve their labor problems. We have partnered with world leaders in advanced technology solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to bring innovative solutions to address our customer’s needs.

Service & Delivery Robots

Solutions for assistance in any scenario. Help your staff focus on the customer and let the robots handle those tasks that take their focus away from delivering exceptional customer experiences. Delivery, reception, and bussing robots ensure your business continues operating.

Robots eliminate nearly all food waste as a result of drops and spills, saving thousands every month.

Robots can run on a single charge for an entire shift and, with periodic charging, can easily last an entire day.

AI For Ordering & Data Entry

How much potential revenue is lost by missing a single phone-in order? What is lost if a single order is missed during every shift, every day of the year? What if it were possible to eliminate these scenarios completely and guarantee that customers are always able to place an order no matter how busy the restaurant may be? What is that worth to your business?

Artificial Intelligence can step in to fill this gap. With direct integration into your Point of Sale, A.I. is able to answer a phone order, guide a customer through the ordering process, and even recommend up-sell items to increase revenue, all without the staff having to pickup a single phone call. Because of the POS integration, all orders flow through the standard systems in your business.

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