how does cloud hosting work

How Does Cloud Hosting Work

In the last decade, cloud hosting has become a popular trend in IT, and it has been employed by businesses all over the world. In its simplest terms, cloud hosting is a collection of remote computing resources. These resources are divided across several servers, minimizing the potential for downtime and server malfunction. Let’s talk about how cloud hosting works.


How does cloud hosting work


There are two types of clouds. There are public clouds and non-public clouds. On a public cloud, users usually have the option of having a shared server or leasing a whole server to themselves. A shared server is where many users are sharing a machine with other accounts. On the other hand, when a user leases a whole server, it is called a dedicated server.


If you are uninterested in utilizing a public cloud server, you can always have a private cloud hosting service set up. A private cloud setup will not share resources with any other sites, meaning that the virtualized resources are behind their own firewall and aren’t shared.


No matter which cloud service you choose, the server works to ensure your site has no downtime. The servers within the cloud complete a preselected set of challenges and if there is any failure on a particular server, another server will briefly step in as backup.


To secure quality hosting for your website or business, it is important to select a cloud hosting company that has high-quality server hardware because utilizing low-quality server hardware can affect performance. If you are looking for a cloud hosting service for your business, Tekelement offers customized cloud solutions that are reliable and scalable to build, manage, and secure your cloud-based infrastructure.

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